Information For Buyers

Stage 1 .... "The game plan"

Initial meeting
Determine Buyer’s desires (needs/wants in a new home)
Review duties owed to client by the agent
Provide Buyer Package with a sample of local Purchase Agreements (contracts)
Ensure Buyer is pre-approved with a known lender

Looking at all the details

Stage 2.... Let the search begin!

Set Buyer up on a listing alert service
Preview properties on behalf of Buyer
Show properties to Buyer
Help Buyer select ideal property

Tools make things easier

Stage 3....Lets Make a Deal

Validate what is included in sale via MLS details
Obtain copy of Title information to identify property owner(s)
Contact Listing Agent to validate property is still available; confirm any special terms for offer
Prepare a Market Analysis in the area to determine offer price
Obtain and review available disclosures with Buyer
Prepare Purchase Agreement (aka Purchase Contract) on behalf of Buyer
Obtain Earnest Deposit for purchase of the home and proof of down payment, to be submitted with offer

A cash offer

Stage 4.....The Negotiation

Present Buyer offer to Listing Agent
Ensure Buyer’s Lender available by phone in case finance questions are being asked by Listing Agent
Respond / negotiate counter-offers and contract addendums
Prepare new counter-offers / addendums on behalf of Buyer
Acknowledge "bound" contract on behalf of Buyer

Sitting down at a table

Stage 5..... We are under contract!

Send copy of bound Purchase Agreement and Property Profile to Buyer’s Lender to start lender underwriting
Contact local Title Company to start on closing documents and title work
Send copy of bound Purchase Agreement to title company
Order any secondary inspections requested by Buyer
Be onsite for property inspections
Review new disclosures and inspections with Buyer
Negotiate contract adjustments and credits if deficiencies are found as part of property inspections
Assure loan underwriting moves forward on schedule

Signing a contract

Stage 6.... Lets close and move in!

Manage the timely release of contingencies on behalf of Buyer
Ensure Buyer has Certified Funds for amount due at closing
Ensure Lender funds are received by Title in time for closing
Arrange and attend Buyer final walk-through prior to close of escrow
Review “Closing Costs” on a HUD-1 Estimated Worksheet for accuracy
Provide a list of potential qualified vendors (e.g. movers, attorneys, carpenters, painters, etc.) if these services are needed
Validate house is clean and all of Seller’s possessions are removed prior to close
Monitor closing so transfer of property occurs as planned
Attend closing with buyer to insure the closing goes smoothly
Validate MLS is updated denoting property sale is complete

A sunset behind a new house